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About me

This travel blog was created to show you the world like it is. My only goal is to take you on an amazing adventure to different places all around the world. And to show you the everyday life, everyday struggles and everyday happiness of people living in those places. I’m taking you on a journey to see the world. To feel it. Because life is not just about power and money. After all, it’s all about what we feel.


About me

A blonde, a writer, newbie artist and a daughter – all in one. Creative soul with a passion for travel.

It's me!

I started drawing the moment I learned how to hold a pencil. Back then I was already creating stories in my head. I was barely eleven years old when I actually wrote the first one. And my writing was worse than average. I didn’t even like to write but somehow I continued.

Stories were coming and I just had to write them down. And, so I was creating them for years, basically every day, sometimes twenty or thirty pages.

One day, I heard there’s no hope for me, and I will never achieve much in life. Against the world, I took the challenge to prove it wrong. And although my world has fallen apart at the time, I decided to establish my kingdom in its ruins. I started new course, which I chose, not listening to other people’s advice. I promised myself I would build my career based on my passions and things that I love, things that make me happy, so I will never regret anything ever again.

This way I found another passion — traveling — when I visited Norway for ten days, just by myself, for the first time in my life. My destination was Bergen, which I became interested with thanks to my first university course. Despite adversity, I made it there. I was terrified by the thought of traveling alone in a foreign country, and speaking foreign language, which I didn’t really know at the time. However, I felt alive like never before. I felt happy, and free, and I knew that traveling will become a part of my life.

Still not enough?

I’m also a student of master’s degree of Journalism and social communication. So far I’ve finished Scandinavian-Baltic studies in 2018 and Practical Linguistic with copywriting in 2019. I could to all of this, thanks to my supportive parents. As an only child I got the chance to follow my dreams and passions. Although my parents don’t always understand me and what I’m doing, they were always very supportive about my studies and travels and even the blog. For that I’m very grateful. 

But that doesn’t mean all I do is study and travel. I worked in many places. Usually over the summer. Starting with being a cashier, a bartender in The World’s End in lovely town called Knaresborough two years in a row. Finally, beverage server in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan. But this is not where the story ends. 

My dream

My dream is to make that blog something more, than just a blog. It’s a place, where I can show you all the places I’ve seen and share the knowledge about them, about the people. And all the crazy stories I’ve gathered so far. 

I’d like to make that blog a place, where you can not only find entertainment, but also a knowledge about the world. Whether you travel or not. If you’re curious, if you’d like to travel, but can’t always do that. Chł is the answer. I’m here to show you the world. 

But there’s something more. I dream of a Café. Particular Café – Chłopinka Café,  where people can drink good coffee and talk. About travels, about dreams, about everything they find interesting. I’d love to create an actual place for meetings for like-minded people. A place where you just feel at home. Where you feel safe. And can get a wonderful coffee.

Some additional information about me: