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Las Vegas always says: yes!

Las Vegas turned out to be everything I have ever imagined and more. No wonder it’s referred to as the city of sin. It totally is! It’s a place where magic happens and the dreams come true. No matter what happens, Las Vegas always says: yes!

Las Vegas at night

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

First I want to show you Las Vegas at nigh. There is a reason for that.

For the reason that nigh Vegas looks so much different from day Vegas. It’s like two different cities! One is dry, desert-like and the other one is dark and yet so illuminated by all the lights. The night is when the magic starts.

Las Vegas at night
Las Vegas at night and tiny waterfall
Night lights in Las Vegas
Las Vegas during the night
View on Las Vegas at night

Las Vegas during the day

Sunset in Las Vegas
City of Las Vegas
Presbiterian church
Street in Las Vegas
Mountains behind Las Vegas

If I ever decide to marry someone, I’d like to do it in Las Vegas

No. It’s not a joke. I fell in love with Las Vegas. I want to get married there, if I ever decide to settle down. It’s so beautiful and magical, and you can find a wedding chapel on every street.

Wedding chapel in Las Vegas

I even lived in a hostel that was called Sin City. Like that movie. And it was a really nice place. Cheap, with breakfast. Everything was nice and tidy. And I loved the hostel just as I loved the movie.

Las Vegas always says: yes!

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

As I mentioned before, Las Vegas always says: yes. It’s where magic happens and where crazy happens. And I decided to go with the flow. Apart from going to Walmart (3 hour walk in the heat), trying new food, going to the club with people I just met and going to casino, I had 2 attractions.

“Only two?” you ask. Believe it was quite enough. At this point I can tell you, Las Vegas was my favorite city in the USA. I loved it. And I want to go back someday.

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

So what did I do? Let me introduce you to the attractions number 1. Something I wanted to try for many years. Something that has been on my “To do before I turn 30 years old” list: bungee jumping!

Sky Tower and Sky Jump

Yes. I really did it. Although it didn’t go exactly as planned. But let me explain. So I got to Las Vegas, found my hostel and connected to Wi-Fi. I needed to check, what can I do. I had no time to waste.

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

And then I found Sky Tower, part of the Stratosphere hotel with casino inside. And then Vegas said: yes. After all, I was in the city of sin. Maybe I didn’t need to sin, but I felt like doing something crazy. Something I couldn’t bring myself to do. Until now.

I booked the ticket. It did cost a bit, but hell yes, let’s have some fun! I got what I need and left. I also wandered around a bit, as I had quite some time on my hand.

Another street of Las Vegas
Sky Tower in the distance
Sky Tower from the street

It sure looked high from down there. But also didn’t seem THAT high. It seemed reasonable enough. Or so I thought. I thought many things. For example, that if I just don’t think about it, I’ll just go and jump and everything will be fine. Well. It wasn’t.

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

I mean. It was fine. It just wasn’t easy. I made it all the way through casino and shopping center to the Sky Jump office. They made me answer some safety questions. Then made me wear their uniform. Then they attached many things to me and checked many times, if it’s safe. I was good to go.

When Las Vegas says “yes”, but your body says “no!”

Finally, I was supposed to jump soon. I must admit it was an amazing experience. Something I have never felt before. But to be honest I’m not so eager to feel it again. I failed miserably. But I regret nothing!

Me on Sky Jump in Sky Tower

I read about it. I knew how it works. I knew it was safe. And yet I could never imagine the feelings. Oh, boy, was I naive. Thinking that I can just not think and go there and jump like it’s nothing? I’ve learned my lesson.

To be honest I didn’t jump. I mean I did, but I didn’t. They dropped me. I have no regrets. I’m not even angry at myself, that I didn’t have the courage to jump by myself. What it feels like to stand on the edge before jumping is impossible for me to describe.

Me on Sky Tower before the jump

On the last pic you can already see that I’m starting to understand what I signed up for. And I was getting more and more terrified. I wanted to jump, and yet I wanted to do everything, BUT jump. My heart was pounding like never before. I was out of breath, although I didn’t do any exercising. And I think my brain had a lot of questions.

I was holding on to the fence. Standing on the very end of this really short path. All I had to do, was to LET IT GO. And yet I couldn’t. I wanted to. I tried to. But my hands just wouldn’t let go of the fence. Like someone else took over the wheel. My hands had a life of their own.

I tried three times to jump. But my hands were glued to the fence. They told me to turn around. So I thought it’s too late. I wasn’t expecting them to lift me on the line and drop me suddenly. But it was for the best. At least I “jumped”.

Las Vegas says “yes” – 2nd attraction of the day

I dressed up. I was going for the show. I was going… Places. Not casino. But places.

Pretty me

Not to mention how much better I look on this one. Bright green was clearly not my color. And I didn’t even wear much makeup for the evening. Just me being me. Plus a glass of wine on the way.

So where did I go?

Have you ever watched or at least heard of the movie Magic Mike? Well. It was like Magic Mike but in real life. Let me introduce you to Chippendales!

Me with the Chippendales poster

It was actually after the show, but I’m trying to create the tension here.

Me and the Chippendales

Is it my imagination or you can see the madness in my eyes? Well, it’s not surprising, taking how much fun I had that day. Bungee jumping and handsome, half naked men around me. I was in the city of sin after all.

Some more photos of Las Vegas

Let this sink in. Las Vegas is stunning. If you ever get the chance, don’t think. Just go. Just. Go.

Paintings on the wall
The city of Las Vegas

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay there forever. I’d love to, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have enough time to go to the Grand Canyon either, although I had planned to. Maybe next time. But it was way too hot for me to fry myself in the bus with no air conditioning with sweaty people and sweaty me. Additionally, I was so preoccupied with Las Vegas itself, I had no time to think about whole day trip.

Even more amazing places were waiting for me. It was time to leave the USA and go to Mexico.

Las Vegas from the airplane


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