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New York – the city of miracles and wonders

“Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leavin’ today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York “
As Frank Sintara sings in one of his great songs (click here).

Street in New York

But is New York really that amazing?

You can decide for yourself. I’m only gonna show you what I saw. Both pretty and amazing places as well as dirty streets. You judge. I’m just a traveler that takes you on adventure. So bear with me.

Broadway street in New York

New York and how I got there

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

Let me give you some background on how I ended up in New York. Just in case you haven’t read last post about Mackinac – a turtle island. Long story short I was working on Mackinac Island as an employee in The Grand Hotel as part of my work&travel USA experience.

I left the island on a ferry, which took me to Macinaw City. Next day I took a bus there to Detroit. Another next day I had a flight from Detroit to New York City. Very early in the morning and… Guess what.

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

The moment I got to NY all my electronic devices stopped working! Like my phone went bananas and even after I switched to the older one, which I had just in case I still couldn’t make or receive calls. My power bank died and there was no freaking Wi-Fi there. I was screwed.

I had no way to contact my host from Couchsurfing. And no idea how to get to the address I thankfully already had. But for all I cared, I was in New York.

View for Manhathan from the airplain

New York, New York

As you might have noticed so far, my New York experience wasn’t all that great at first. Let me tell you more: it gets worse.

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

I needed to get going. I had three days and I couldn’t waste it. I managed to find a way to get to my host. Mostly. I needed a bus from the airport to the city. Well… It took me around 40 minutes and quite a few buses before I made it in. It was a real jungle. Only the strongest will… Survive. Get on the bus.

But I made it. Somewhere. And there I had to take a subway. And by subway I mean the subway not the sandwich subway. But to be fair, I did both. Then I managed to get to Manhattan and found my way to bus terminal. And that’s where it got even more difficult.

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

I found the right line, right place and right bus. What could possibly go wrong, you ask? Well, let me elaborate! I still needed to get out on the right bus stop and that’s where I failed. Miserably.

Missed it. Made my way hell out of the city. Took a deep breath, found the right bus stop to go back, bought another ticket. This time I asked the bus driver to let me know, when to get out. Well… He didn’t. He even tried to charge me for going further than I had the ticket, as I made it back to bus terminal.

One of my passions – traveling – good and bad things about it. All my trips. Big or small. Lots of funny stories from my travels and even more photos.

So… Here we go again. I bought a ticket. I found the right bus. I asked a bus driver to tell me, when to get out. He did. And so I made it to Jersey and my host Jonathan came to pick me up. Yes. It was also raining.

Yellow schoolbus


Manhattan is where most of the attractions are too. Therefore, I also spent most of my time there. And it was freaking amazing! It was magical and I loved it.

To be honest, before I went to the USA, I wasn’t sure if I should go to New York. Like… It’s not capital, it’s nothing connected to what I was interested in. But a lot of people suggested me NY. And this one time I followed the advice. It was a right call.

Street in New York

Central Park

Central Park was the first thing I decided to see. Except I walked like an hour or so from bus terminal. Where was the logic of that, I have no idea. And every 5 meters I could feel the smell of marijuana. Anyway, I went there. I knew it’s huge, but daaaamn. The place is enormous! I spent there a few hours and saw only tiny bit of it. And horses.

Carriage next to Central Park

So first, I went to the zoo. It might not be the most amazing zoo I’ve seen in my life, but it was still quite impressive. They had seals, red pandas, penguins, grizzly and many other animals. But let’s be honest with each other, seals where the most fun.

Seals from the zoo in Central Park

It’s amazing, how you can see the towers in the background. It’s really a huge, green rectangle in the middle of the city. Amazing!

View on the skyscrapers behind Central Park
Scyscrapers wround Central Park

I went to the zoo. And in the zoo there was also a tiny 4D cinema. Ice Age was so much fun with all the special effects. Snow and wind and shaking chairs. No wonder there is always so many people in Central Park. It’s an amazing pace, where whole families can spend time together. And I wasn’t exactly alone either, was I?

Chłopinka siting on the table in Central Park's zoo

Chilling after a tour around the zoo.

New York attractions

As I mentioned before, most of the attractions are in Manhattan. Except Brooklyn bridge and of course Statue of Liberty. No I haven’t forgotten about it. I just never went there. From what I know it’s a whole day trip and I didn’t have that much time. It also wasn’t my priority. I prefer walking around, checking things, trying food and observing the everyday life.

Central train station in New York City
Inside the central train station in New York
The New York Times
Trump Tower in Manhathan New York

No need to explain this one, am I right? 🙂

Cathedral in New York
Entrance to Rockefeller Center
Main post building
Scyscraper in New York.

The Top of The Rock

In the Rockefeller center there’s a viewing tower, where you can look on the whole city from very, very high! It’s amazing!

View from the tower on Manhathan New York
View on New York

The Times Square

One of more amazing and surprising places in New York was the Times Square. Naked ladies with feathers in their hair? Yes! Fancy car race? Sure!

The Times Square
The Times Square
Almost naked ladies on the Times Square
Fancy race car on the Times Square

Wonders of the New York

Another huge building in New York
Institute of Technology in New York
Flee market in New York
Scyscrapers made from glass
Regular market on the street of New York
Golden statue
Colorful glass cube in front of the building in the New York

For the record, it’s not part of the building. It was a glass cube in front of it and it was colorful and empty inside. And I have no clue, why it was there. But it was.

Chocolate Harry Potter wand
New York
Dirty street of New York City

New York at night

Night view on a scyscrapper
New York at night

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